sabato 24 maggio 2008

A praise to the certain looser Gordon Brown and to the certain winner David Cameron

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Dear Sirs,

apologising in advance for my horrible English, I would suggest to both of you to consider the opportunity to change your views and your respectable opinion about the present opting out that gives your currency the opportunity to stand alone in uncomfortable position.

As you certainly know, the government of the twelve countries who decided in 1998 to state fixed and unchangeble crosses among their own currencies took a big risk, also related to the significant temporal lag occurred between the time of this decision and January the first 2002, when the new currency actually went into use.

Despite of a lot of criticism coming especially from your country and from the United States of America, I think it is possibile today to affirm that euro is a successful story, not only for the strenght showed by the new currency, but, above all, for the reputation it was conquered by the European Central Bank, an institution that is managing the actual financial storm in a correct way, specially considering that this crisis appears to the most as the sequel of Perfect Storm I occurred in 1907 in the United States of America.

Presidents and Prime Minister who took that big risk exactly ten years ago were not heroes or irresponsible politicians, but they were aware of the huge and historical opportunity for the Europeans to make an important step towards the building of the United States of Europe, turning their dreams into reality.

And so, for the wealth of your country ando for the wellness of your people, I suggest you to surrender!

Or, using other words, the sooner the british pound dissolve itself into the euro the better!

Faithfully Yours

Marco Sarli

Post Scriptum

Mi scuso con i miei lettori per avere scritto in inglese questa sorta di lettera aperta all’attuale primo ministro britannico, Gordon Brown, ed al capo dell’opposizione conservatrice e sicuro vincitore delle prossime elezioni politiche, David Cameron, ma ritengo che sia corretto esprimere questo auspicio di un rapido ingresso della sterlina nell’euro nella lingua parlata dai due esponenti politici cui, ovviamente senza averne alcun titolo, mi rivolgo.

Ricordo che il video del mio intervento al convegno della UIL sulla crisi finanziaria è presente nella sezione video del sito dell’associazione Free Lance International Press all’indirizzo